Got work done

1:48 in the morning, I got back from library after 6 hours of work, my roommate already fell asleep. it’s blog time. It feels good when you actually get something done. Today I do. Right after working at Sherman with bunch of kids, I caught the math review session at 7:30. The material should help me in the preparation of the incoming test. Then, I finally got to eat dinner at almost 10. I went to a fast food place, so it wouldnt take too long… quickly finishing the food with a starving stomach, I went back to work again. Tuesday, I am always insane for doing math work. This week is not too bad, however. Only 36 problems need to do. The least problem set I ever have. Although some of them I directly copy from the solution manual, I literally completed the problem set. That hasnt happended in a long time. In the previous weeks, I took advantage of my TA’s bad eyesight. Skipped more and more problems. I think 30-40 problems is the right quantity for week assignment. It has sufficient problems to reenforce students’ problem solving skills while not to bore them. 60, 70 ,80 problems just dont make any sense. I wonder if my professor has learned Econ, marginal benefits or whatever…

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