Road Trip to Chicago

Chicago again. Although I have been to Chicago for so many times, but this came to be my first time to stay overnight in Chicago. I went with Eugene, Tim, Jimmy, and Charlie, people I know from Church in Madison. Nothing in particular planned before we went, just to hang out and have some fun there. We departed from Madison at 9 Saturday morning. By the time we get to Chicago, it was 11:30. We went to Todai at Woodfield mall for the lunch. Todai was a Japanese Buffet place. They offered great variety of Sushi and other Japanese stuff. However, I wish they would have bigger piece of eel on the sushi, not even cover the rice. What can I say, $15 dollars to eat all you can was already a decent deal. Unfortunately, my stomach didn’t cooperate with my brain at all. My belly was hurting all the time thru. We walked around the mall for a while trying to digest the food we just had. Then after making a short stop to Eugene’s place to drop the luggage, we headed out to the downtown Chicago. It was Jimmy’s first being in Chicago, we showed him around the downtown scenery specially the Michigan Ave. At the same time, we met up with 2 friends who used to be in Madison. We, together, then took the train to Chinatown and had dinner there. We stayed at Eugene’s place for the night. His parents were very nice and hospitable. They prepared us a very comfy living condition as if living in the hotel. At his place, we played a board game called "settler." In the game, you need to consider many aspects at the time as well as cooperating with other players while keep them from winning the game. It was a great game despite the tedious and confusing explanation. Sunday morning, we went to "Willow Creek Church" for the worship service. From the name alone, I couldn’t imagine it is the largest church in the U.S. Everything in the church was very impressive. Huge parking lot, huge auditorium, and huge congregation. They even had skit performed before the summons. It was very entertaining and teaching. The live band for hymn was great too. After the church, we went to an international mall to have lunch with Eugene’s parents. Foods were good and local there. First time to have 肉粽 here at the food court. Later, we did a bit grocery shopping, and that marked the end of this trip. By the time we drove back to Madison, it was 8 PM already. This weekend had been relaxing and fun. But I would have been happier if I wasn’t taking summer classes. There are still lots of homework awaits me to finish, lots of page of reading awaits me to conquer. , I think I better go back to work.

    • Jimmy
    • June 26th, 2005

    it is "Willow Creek Community Church"… aware of the "community" has such a church……i am so impressed~~~

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